Bloom Part 5

The fifth and final book in the BLOOM series is a fitting culmination to the efforts towards the holistic development of its readers. The chapters in this book, which is ideal for the age bracket of 10-11 years, are focussed on providing actionable insights to the children while reemphasizing the conscientious framework that has been progressively built within them through the journey.


“BLOOM: In the way that only you can” is a product of years of preliminary research in the field of child psychology, behavioural sciences, and literature to create an unparalleled reading experience for kids. It is the manifestation of dedicated efforts by spirited individuals from
varying fields contributing to a book that exhaustively covers critical aspects of holistic child development: moral values, environmental education, nutrition and more. What makes BLOOM unlike any other children book is its eye for factual accuracy and focus of engagement through a variety of exercises. With a multi-layered checks-and-balances mechanism which looks after the tonality, appropriateness, and vocabulary of the content, parents can be rest assured that BLOOM will be a deeply enriching and positive experience for their children