What we are?

Born in 2016 as a collective endeavor between its spirited founders, World of Trance was humble in its beginnings but remained grand in its vision. Founded as an organization dedicated towards the holistic and conscientious development of children who'd contribute towards a more just and equitable society, World of Trance liaisons with schools as a publisher and aims to further expand these relationships to varying capacities in the near future for the capability development of their students.

We believe that there is not a better person than a teacher to help children imbibe and inculcate the right behaviors that shape a conscientious individual and hence are proud partners with numerous schools, assisting their students in their learning journey. Our focus is on the cognitive, behavioral, and personality development of the reader and our books cater to all these aspects.

Sapna Agarwal

Inspiring Educator

A double degree holder in the field of Commerce and Education, Sapna Agarwal founded World of Trance in 2016 inspired by her own experiences with her kids as a homemaker. Determined to help children attain holistic education centered around moral values, her initial efforts included a periodical for children before coming up with “BLOOM: In the way that only you can”, a book on Value Education designed specifically for school curriculum according to the National Curriculum Framework. Her organization has also adopted a government school in Gorakhpur, Rawat Pathshala, in collaboration with the Police Officers Wives Association and has overseen its turnaround where the school now stands amongst the top 3 government schools in Gorakhpur.